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The Importance of Choosing Genuine Brake Pads for Your Hyundai

Released 05.02.2024
The Importance of Choosing Genuine Brake Pads for Your Hyundai

The Importance of Choosing Genuine Brake Pads for Your Hyundai

Are you wondering if you can judge the quality of a brake pad by its appearance?

The simple answer is no. The judgment of a brake pad's quality goes beyond its outer features. Today, we want to emphasize the importance of choosing genuine parts over counterfeits, focusing on the safety of both the driver and passengers.

Understanding Brake Pad Functionality

A brake pad's crucial role is evident when hydraulically applied, with the caliper squeezing the brake pads onto the spinning disc to slow and stop the vehicle.

Genuine Hyundai brake pads are specifically designed and engineered for Hyundai vehicles, providing a medium to high constant of friction for reliable and consistent braking performance.

Let us now discuss the difference between genuine Hyundai brake pads and counterfeit ones.

Compound Material



    Compressed and heavy
    Displaying smoother cuttings with well-defined colors inside.

    Lightweight but bulky
    Exhibiting rough cuttings with uneven colors inside
Genuine brake pads are manufactured from diverse types of fibers, offering superior quality such as;
  • Reliable in various weather conditions
  • Minimal wear
  • And noise-free operation
On the other hand, low-grade quality counterfeit parts may lead to
  • Faster wear and frequent replacements
  • Uneven braking causing unsafe brake fade
  • Potential damage to other vehicle parts such as brake disc/drum.

Bottom Structure

For visual identification between genuine vs. counterfeit parts, please carefully observe:



    Genuine parts brake pad made with strongly attached shim showing in-depth engravings with thicker edges.

    Counterfeit parts brake pad made with easily detachable shim showing desultory molding with thinner edges.
  • Brake pad shim-attached in the center of the back brake pad
  • Structured engraved molding
  • Corners and edges for evenness in thickness

Choose Genuine Parts for Your Safety and Durability

All genuine part undergoes rigorous testing based on years of research and development, ensuring a perfect fit and durability for your Hyundai.

By choosing Hyundai genuine parts not only maintains the validity of your vehicle's warranty, but also provides excellent durability results!

In conclusion, prioritize the safety of yourself and your passengers by choosing genuine Hyundai brake pads. Avoid counterfeits that may compromise performance and safety.

Visit your nearest authorized Hyundai dealership and buy genuine parts directly from to ensure peace of mind. Your safety is our priority!

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