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Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis is one of the major affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group established in 1977, and headquartered in Seoul, Korea. In the group, one of the main responsibilities of Hyundai Mobis is to supply genuine parts and accessories to Hyundai and Kia Motors distributors around the world.

Hyundai Mobis ranked 6th in Global OEM Parts Suppliers in 2018 (Source: The Automotive News).

Our Goals

MPME Focuses on Core Competencies with Aligned Goal of Company and Individual.

Formidable Futuristic Strategies
Develop strategies that are challenging yet important for our future business development.
Enhanced Customer Service
Ensure customer satisfaction by providing the right part at the right time in the right place.
New/Current Process Innovation
Streamline processes based on previous or current performance analysis and future plans

Mobis Parts Middle East

Mobis Parts Middle East (MPME, Hyundai Mobis Middle East) is a 100 % subsidiary of Hyundai Mobis, the spare parts company of Hyundai Motor Company, Genesis Motors, and Kia Motors. MPME supplies all the genuine parts and accessories required for vehicles made by Hyundai and Kia Motors for the Middle East and African region. The After-sales Parts Division continues to bring innovation to the parts supply system including streamlining logistics hubs and early construction of high-tech distribution systems and operates customer-focused management by way of enhancing customer satisfaction with improved services at customer touch points and vigorous communications with customers.

Core Values

To implement our management philosophy and realize the vision, we are guided by, and base our behavior and decision making on, five core values: Customer First, Daring Execution, Communication & Cooperation, Respect for People and Go Global. 

Internalization of the core values across the organization to measure the level of implementation and identify areas for improvement is a good example of putting the value of challenge and cooperation into practice and forming an organizational culture where our customers and members are fully respected. 

By ensuring that the five core values are shared extensively with our members and are fully internalized, we will enhance the sense of community and cohesiveness and eventually achieve the goal of sustainable growth and development.

  • Customer First
  • Daring Execution
  • Communication & Cooperation
  • People First
  • Go Global


Innovation for Humanity, Mobility for Tomorrow

We will lead innovation for humanity and drive mobility for the future.

Our idea of innovation is not just about technology. It is also about making your driving experience one that is more exciting and more pleasant.
What we pursue is the innovation that can make driving a cleaner and safer experience for the next generation. We use mobility technology that can bridge the gap between today and tomorrow.

Mobility for Tomorrow, Hyundai Mobis

Vision for Sustainable Operations

We Value Responsible Innovation and Mobility Powered by Clean Technology. As suggested by our mid-to long-term vision ‘Innovation with Responsibility, Mobility by Clean Technology,’ we are guided by the principle of sustainable operation and work to fulfill our responsibilities during business for the next generation. 

”Innovation with Responsibility, Mobility by Clean Technology”

Our motto is to help save the world by pro-environmental operation, grow with our members and contribute to value creation for the community. All our performance on the sustainable operation front will be shared in full with all stakeholders in a transparent manner.

Local Communities
A company that grows together
with local communities and
various environmental protection
and sharing activities

Shareholders and Investors
A company that inspires confidence
Transparent and stable management
and maximizing shareholder
and investor values

Partners and Distributors
A trusted companion Establishing fair
and Transparent business
relationships Sharing information and
disseminating technology

A transparent company complying
with actively participating in the
promotion of laws and regulations,
in alignment with global policies

A company that pursues happy mobility
Improving technical capabilities, realizing the best quality, bolstering customer confidence and strengthening customer engagement

Other Stakeholders
A leader in responding to climate change
Join efforts for global policies on climate change strengthening corporate competitiveness through response to climate change

The best company to work for a fair evaluation
and compensation, support for professional
development, ensuring worker safety, providing welfare benefits, and fostering a pleasant work environment  

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